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"Rubin-1M" for Europe 18.05.15
The exhibition «Sensor + Test 2015", at which the level detector "Rubin-1M" in export execution will be demonstrated, openes on May 19-21 in Nuremberg, Germany. The possibilities of technology SmartLambTM, based on the measurement of the Lamb waves energy and examples of solving technological problems on its base will be presenred. For the convenience of work with European partners we established a wholly owned subsidiary TECHNOAUTOMAT Oy in Helsinki, representatives of which will give detailed information on the application and delivery of our devices in Europe.. We invite you to visit our stand № 12-398 and see the unique Russian instrument and promising measurement technology which opens up new possibilities to control the level of liquids in industry.

LLC "Tehnoavtomat R&D" at exhibition in Moscow 19.02.15
Research & Development Center Tehnoautomat continues to work on improving the measurement method which being implemented in the device "Rubin-1M". This measurement technology under the name "Rubin" can be applied for solving various technological problems with creation of a whole class of devices of level control. This approach and the possibility of the company were presented at the International Exhibition "Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics in Industry" which took place on 17-19 February 20015 in Crocus Expo, Moscow.

SLUSH-2014 09.12.14
On 17-18 November our company took part at the international forum of innovation SLUSH-2014 in Helsinki (Finland). The forum had brought together more than 14,000 participants from 82 countries. Device "Rubin-1M" presented as a part of the exposition of the Fund "Skolkovo" aroused great interest among the participants. New areas of use of the instrument were outlined.

"Rubin-1M" goes out into the world! 11.11.14
Having been presented at the Innovation Conference of the Houston Technology Center, our device aroused great interest of major international oil and gas companies. Currently, we are working to introduce the device at industrial facilities of the US and Canada.

Product patent "Autonomous Station for Energy Supply and Control (ASESC)" 05.05.14
RF patent №139787 «Autonomous power source" has been received.

ACS of drying ovens 11.03.14
A work on putting into operation our equipment (ACS of drying ovens) has been successfully completed at public corporation "SPO Arktika" in Severodvinsk. The work was carried out in the framework of the State Program on modernization of productions of the Defence-Industrial Sector enterprises.

Our project in Skolkovo 20.12.13
To add-on the possibility of use of the product "RUBIN-1M" and its promotion on the international market a daughter firm «Research & Development Center Tehnoautomat»has been established. On December 5, 2013 "Tehnoavtomat R&D" gained the status of the Participant of the project "Skolkovo Fund" with the project "Development of non-invasive liquid level detector in process vessels, based on the measurement of the Lamb wave energy"

Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 15.07.13
Our company has successfully passed the certification for compliance with the conditions of industrial safety and GOST 12.0.230-2007 OHSAS 18001:2007

Certificate ISO 14001:2004 14.07.13
Our company has successfully passed the certification procedure for compliance with the environmental management system and meets requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007 ISO 14001:2004

Tester «Rubin-2» 11.04.13
Currently, the problem of operational control of filling road and rail tankers during their transportation for the prevention of unauthorized discharge is rather acute. We have developed a prototype of such device on the basis of production device "Rubin-1M". We gave to it the working title Tester «Rubin-2» and invited all interested organizations to participate in the pilot operation of our product. For our part we guarantee maximum interest in solving your problems and technical support.

Testing complex "Rubin" 25.03.13
Fully automatic soft -hardware testing complex "Rubin" as a part of the technological modernization of the enterprise and improving the quality of products has been launched.

Diploma 27.12.12
The company has been awarded a diploma "For innovation and development" by international fund "Innovation and Development" for achievement in the creation and implementation of new products.

Shipment "ASESC" 11.06.12
The first batch of Autonomous Station for Energy Supply and Control (ASESC) has been shipped from production base in Engels to the PC "Vankorneft" for the gas pipeline "Vankor-Khalmerpayutinskoye".

New scope of the registrar "Rubin-1M" 28.05.12
Production test of the device, which confirmed its ability to control the level of a liquid in tubes with a diameter from 30 till 100 mm.has been successfully completed.

Autonomous Station for Energy Supply and Control "ASESC" 25.03.12
New ideas and solutions used in the Autonomous Station for Energy Supply and Control (ASESC) for crane platforms of trunk pipelines, were recognized at the VII Saratov Salon of Inventions, innovations and investments, held on March 20-22, 2012. The company was awarded a medal and a diploma for creating this product . The application for the invention has been lodged.

The patent for the invention for product "Rubin 1M" 12.01.12
The patent for the invention №2437066 «Method of ultrasonic control of liquid level in tanks and apparatus" has been received.

Our company's Accreditation at Closed Corporation "Vankorneft" 15.08.11
Our company has been listed into a database of potential suppliers of "Vankorneft".

Certification in the "Gazprom" system 01.07.11
The level recorder "Rubin-1M" was listed into the Register of certified products in the system of voluntary certification of GAZPROMCERT. The Certificate of Conformity №GO00RU.1109.N00141.

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