Automation of galvanizing lines

Galvanizing processin is widely used in the industry , which serves to strengthen the metal surfaces and to protect them from the external environment. Automatic autooperating drum-line galvanizing suspensorial can achieve high efficiency in the organization of this important process.

The use of automated electroplating equipment provides:

- Performance (due to the algorithms of automatic control);

- Low operating costs (due to thoughtful design and saving energy and water);

- Control of production (due to maintenance of electronic archive protocols).

We have successfully developed automatic control systems as a part of galvanizing lines, which were introduced in the following establishments:

- JSC "Sarapul'skiy generator plant" (Sarapul);

- JSC "81 armored repair plant" (Armavir).

Currently we are working on development of the already implemented projects in the field of automation galvanizing lines in order to improve their characteristics and applications for new facilities.

Distinctive features of our automatic control systems are:

– Good documentation;

– Competent technical support;

– Sophisticated hardware and software;

– Easy operator interface;

– Automatic optimal planning of process;

– Use of reliable components and solutions;

– Continued development of the system.


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