Structurally, APEC is a heat-insulating container made of steel metalwares of the grade 09G2S and sandwich panels made using a unique technology, consisting of compartments:
- Technology
- Reduction
- Hardware
- Economic

Two gas microturbine «Capstone» are disposed In the technological compartment housed Reduction unit consists of two independent high-pressure gas lines. Equipment of life support APEC, as well as monitoring, remote control and communication are disposed in the hardware compartment. Economic compartment is used for the storage of spare parts and equipment for routine maintenance.

APEC is supplied in execution (ХЛ-1) which is intended for use in subareas I-A; I-B; I-Г; I-Д.

Terms of Use:
- Ambient temperature from -60 to + 40 °С;
- The pressure of the weight of the snow cover, up to 200 kg / m2;
- The pressure of wind, till 48 kg / m2;
- The degree of protection from dust and moisture IP54 according to GOST 14254;
- Seismic activity up to 6 points on the MSK-64 scale;
- Height above sea level, till 2500m;
- Humidity of the ambient air, till 98% at 25 °С;
- The intensity of rainfall, till 5 mm / min.

APEC consists of subsystems:
- Automatic control system (ACS);
- System of remote control and communication;
- System of gas contamination;
- Heating system;
- Ventilation system;
- Fire alarm system;
- Automatic fire-extinguishing system;
- Alarm system;
- System of external, internal and emergency lighting.


Rated power, kW from 3 till 30
Nominal output voltage (three-phase), V 380
Maximum current per phase, A from 3 till 46
Current frequency, Hz 50
Consumed fuel Natural gas GOST5542-87,OST 5140-93 or petroleum casing-head gas
Maximum flow rate at maximum load, Nm3/h 12
The gas inlet pressure, MPa from 0.4 till 10
Ambient temperature during operation, °С from -60 to +40
Degree of protection against dust and water, IP 54
Overall dimensions, m 10,5х3,0х3,0
Weight, kg 11000
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