Autonomous station for energy supply and control "APEC" is designed in the same block container with premises-units that have separate entrances. APEC is supplied as one-piece product of increased prefabrication.

In one block-box is the following equipment:
– Main and backup power stations
– Power plant control system
– Uninterruptible power supply system
– Communication equipment
– Equipment of control system of crane platform
– Reduction line
– Equipment of ECP
– Maintenance of the climate system
– Fire alarm system and fire fighting
– Alarm equipment
– And other equipment

APEC has an automatic control system (ACS); systems of remote control and communication; gassed; heating; ventilation; fire alarm system; automatic fire; security alarm; exterior, interior and emergency lighting.

As sources of electricity in the APEC microturbine (Capstone) gas generators of various designs are used.

Reliability APEK is provided by the use of two or three independent backup power sources and building automatic control system, and the failure of one of the generators does not lead to failure of the entire system. A distinctive feature of APEC is its integration into higher-level remote control system that allows to monitor the parameters of the technological object in real time , diagnosis and control of the operation modes remotely.

APEC generates historical data for: work; technological errors; accidents; running time of generators and others. APEC allows maintenance or repair work without stopping the process.

The product is design composable and its layout profile is determined by consumer's order.

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