Reducing item "AMOUR" is made in climatic design (У-1) and intended for subareas IA, IБ, IВ, IГ, IД

- Ambient temperature - from - 50 to +45°С;
- The pressure of the wind - up to 50 kg / m;
- The weight of snow - up to 200 kg / m;
- Altitude - up to 2500 m;
- Seismic activity - up to 9 on the Richter scale.

Technical characteristics

Reducing medium: Natural gas GOST5542-87 OST 514,093 or petroleum casing-head gas
The inlet gas pressure: from 0.1 to 12.5 MPa
The outlet gas pressure: from 0.0005 to 1.2 MPa
Throughput: from 1 to 2000 Nm3/h
Ambient temperature during operation: from -50 to +45 0С
The degree of protection against dust and moisture: IP54
Seismicity of the installation: up to 9 on the Richter scale
Dimensions: 3000х1500х3000 mm
Weight: 2500 kg

The composition of the RI "AMUR" includes:
- Block-box;
- Stainless steel tubing;
- Gas odorization unit;
- Pressure regulators;
- Complex on the measurement of the amount of gas Elster;
- Heating System Protherm (completely non-volatile);
- Differential manometers;
- Manometers;
- Check valves;
- Safety valves;
- Arms and stands for stability of the structure;
- Ball valves;
- Thermal convertor;

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