RI "AMUR" was developed by our company based on the experience of exploitation and use of facilities for reducing gas supply items of domestic producers. In the design of RI we tried to take into account all "narrow" places. For example, the reducing line wais made by technology Hy-lok, that allows us to produce and deliver the product as soon as possible. RI "AMUR" is completely non-volatile product, that significantly expands the scope of its application.

RI "AMUR" provides the following functions:
- Gas cleaning;
- Gas reducing to a predetermined value to control the input and output parameters of the gas;
- The protective function of input and output gas;
- Gas calculation;
- Gas odorization;
- Control of gas concentration.

Reducing points in their characteristics can substitute a number of gas control equipment: cabinet-type gas control itemss, blocks, gas distribution stations - that greatly increases the economic benefit, compared with analogs.

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