The level recorder performs the following functions:
- Registers and records “liquid/gas” states on one or two controlled levels (controlled levels are determined by the placement of the sensors on the outer surface of the tank)
- Automatic or manual management of the actuator (latch or valve)
- Automatic calculation of the number of discharge / filling cycles
- Display on the graphic display of the recorder the level of liquid with respect to the controlled levels, the state of the actuator and the number of cycles
- Reception and transmission of telemetric data to an external telemetry system
- - Internal diagnostics of the performance of the recorder and its tuning
- Archiving of operational parameters

Name Parameter
1 Number of control levels 1-2*
2 Distance between the upper and lower levels, mm50-2000**
3 Accuracy of the liquid level detection, mm±10
4 Wall thickness of the controlled tank, mm3-70
5 Outer diameter of the controlled tank, no less than, mm100
6 Controlled tank’s wall temperature, °Сfrom -50 to +60
7 Range of Display of level changes, mm from 100 to 4000 ***
8 Power source:
8.1 CDU:
-Kind of current AC
- Voltage, В V220 +22/-44
- Power consumption, no more, W 20
Maximum input voltage, Um, В 250
No-load voltage, Uo, V 24
Capacity limit, Co, ufd 0,11****
Inductivity limit, Lo, mH 1,5****
8.2 SPU with SUs:
Number of channels 2
Input voltage limit, Ui, V 13-18
Maximum input current, Ii, mA 40
Maximum input capacity, Ci, ufd 0,11
Maximum input inductivity, Li, mH 1,5
9 Relay output characteristics:
-number of outputs, pcs 2
-commutated voltage, no more than, V 250
-commutated current, no more than, A 1
10 Protection against external influences, SPU together with SUs DB IP54
11 Protection against external influences, CDU IP40
12 Distances between the SPU and the SUs, m 1;2*
13 Length of the link between the SPU and the CDU, no more than, m 1000****
14 Mean time to failure, no less than, h 30000
15 Service life period, no less than, yrs 15
16 Operation mode continuous

* At the Customer’s request
** At the Customer’s request, Position 2 of Table 1 can be implemented with the max distance of up to 10 m.
*** At the Customer’s request, and only for the customized option of the secondary CDU unit.
**** The Customer ensures the use of cables with the parameters that do not exceed those specified in this data sheet.

Dimensions and weight

Part names Length Width Height Weight, kg Note
CDU 140 140 54 1.25
SPU 200 300 160 5.7
SUs 36 36 31 0.4 4 products for two controlled levels

Gross Weight - 10 kg

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