On the question of the effectiveness of ultrasonic flowmeters.

This article was prepared on the basis of operating experience UKUG metering unit 40 of the object "gas lateral to CHPP Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, the transfer station to gas," the owner of "DGC" branch "Khabarovsk generation".

Currently very relevant is the creation of commercial metering of gas on gas pipelines and taps using advanced technologies. One of these technologies - ultrasonic method for controlling the gas flow via overhead shirokoluchevyh transducers are mounted directly on the measuring section of the pipeline. This technology allows for control of a high level of sensitivity throughout the measured range.

Our company has experience in the creation and implementation of commercial metering based on the meter "Controlotron-1010." First create a sample of the metering unit UKUG-40 was put into operation on the challenge of the pipeline on the Nikolaevsk-on-Amur main gas pipeline from Sakhalin-Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 2008. Metering UKUG-40 was installed in the early removal of the pipeline with a diameter of 325 mm.


Operating experience has shown that assembly of its high reliability and stability under severe conditions of measurement. One of the distinguishing features of the metering unit is the ability to measure both the forward and reverse direction. As practice has shown operating on the challenge of systematically there are frequent fluctuations in gas pressure. They are associated with fluctuations in pressure in the gas pipeline, short-term violations of the gas compressor station, as well as the load fluctuation in the challenge. Under these conditions, the flow meter practiced flows arising from the gas discharge in the main pipeline.


Accounting for these flows in the annual balance sheet consumption retraction was 0.24% of the total gas consumption, which showed a total convergence in the total consumption of individual consumers in this challenge (to 0.17%). During the year it was saving about 304,500 Nm3 gas "DGC" Khabarovsk generation.

Thus, the analysis of application of ultrasonic flow meter capable of measuring both forward and backward in the metering unit for gas laterals showed high efficiency and provides real savings compared flowmeters based on orifice and turbine meters.

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