Efficient operation of equipment pipelines or how to organize smooth operation of your facility.

At present, the construction of new gas mains and expansion of the existing network for the development of small and medium gas fields in remote areas of Siberia and the Far East and the North is associated with the problem of reliable power supply equipment crane pads these pipelines. The lack of infrastructure in these remote areas (especially the lack of roads and electricity networks) makes inappropriate use of the traditional approach of power supply by connecting to the existing network of transmission lines and laying parallel power lines along the pipeline. This additional construction often becomes economically unfeasible ...

An alternative solution to this problem is the autonomous power supply providing power generation for each crane platform independent generator with reliable transportation fuel for it, which stands alone from the gas.

The process of delivery, commissioning and operation of the equipment is carried out in several stages. The current supply equipment is usually not by the manufacturer. Installation work equipment is specialized installer. Commissioning works also a separate issue. It is clear that the quality of its product set-up can be carried out only its manufacturer, and even better developer. But in reality this is rarely the case. Developers often attract "point" is a specialized organization adjusters. It is believed (rightly of course) that the equipment supplied must be roadworthy, passed the factory inspection, with full technical documentation.

In the future, such an object is made on the balance sheet of the owner. Held an open competition to attract the operating organization or create a service operation within the enterprise. It is clear that the object as a set of technical solutions should perform tasks in accordance with the project solution with minimal costs. Here then pop up all the "shoals." And it all falls on the company that owns the object. Sometimes it's easier not to operate the equipment supplied or not use all possibilities than to bring the design decisions until the end. That is, each part of the total work performed, but the ultimate goal (ie, trouble-free operation of the entire system) requires a huge effort from the owner of the object, both financial and technical. There is a typical situation where "there is no claim to the buttons, and the jacket is not sitting." Application of system integrators project does not always give proper effect, usually as a consequence of his lack of experience of operating equipment. That is, in general, the situation at present. Organization of maintenance of complex modern equipment in poor infrastructure and a "hard" climate becomes a daunting task.

Our organization has accumulated considerable experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex high-tech automated equipment, solving the problem of reliable, continuous and autonomous (without the direct involvement of operating personnel) supply crane sites of trunk pipelines based on APEC.

We have for many years conducting development, supply and maintenance of equipment for crane sites pipelines. Our experts are involved in all stages of the product lifecycle. Creative exchange between the experimental design bureaus and departments, perform maintenance, you can create a product more fully adapted to the conditions of the design and operation. And at the same time ensure the smooth operation of the plant, drawing on non-standard situations of their developers.

Division bureau is studying the experience of operation of third-party organizations and makes recommendations to both developers and their operations teams. This approach is fully justified itself in the conditions of the Far East and the Far North of the country and allowed the company-owner of "Far East generating company" significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of the object and to trouble-free and smooth operation.

We believe that this approach is most effective for newly constructed gas supply and offer our customers a long-term collaboration with providing full product life cycle.

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